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We are constantly looking for new innovative products. We develop it ourselves or buy it from smaller suppliers in the country of origin. That is how the Nibo Specials came about. Non-everyday floor and wall coverings made of natural stone, sometimes in combination with other materials such as ceramics. With one of the Specials from Nibo Stone you get something very special.

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How about the Organic Gris, for example? Natural stone floor tiles designed from residual and fractured pieces of our production in natural stone finishing elements. A beautiful floor with an industrial look that fits perfectly into this spirit of the times. And did you think that natural stone can not be bent? Take a look at our Flexible Natural Stone. Very thin and yet extremely strong 100% natural stone! Or combine the best of 2 worlds in our Crown Collection; a beautiful combination of ceramic floor tiles with a top layer of natural stone.

Are you looking for a special natural stone wallcovering? Take a look at our extensive collection of natural stone strips. Wonderful for example in the shower cabin or your outside facade. Do you really want something special? Then choose marble panels in an open book style. The mirrored marble plates are a true painting on your wall. Also a flooring in the entrance of an old mansion is a Livre Ouvert a picture.

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Crown Collection
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Livre Ouvert
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Flexible stone