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Laying the floor

Easy and quick gluing process

Natural stone floors can be glued or placed in cement. Marble floors, wall tiles and nowadays even split tiles such as slate, are often milled in thickness (calibrated) and are also easy to glue. In this case, the natural stone tile is attached to the existing cement screed, by using a thin layer mortar. Available cleaved and no calibrated tiles can also be glued, because our special glue can fix the differences in thickness.

Very appropriate for floor heating

It is very common to lay a floor in combination with an underfloor heating system, for extra comfort. Natural stone is very appropriate for this. Underfloor heating systems have a lot of advantages if you compare it to radiators: there is a better humidity level and there is less dust circulation and thus less chance of dust mites. Underfloor heating systems distribute a comfortable warmth and there is not so much draught. Natural stone is characterized by its ability to conduct the heat and keep it in the room, this can reduce your energy costs with 25%. The absence of (often disfiguring) heating elements such as radiators, give more opportunity for placing and formatting your furniture.

Placing the floor is even possible at a wooden under layer!

Also possible to place it above an existing floor

It is perfectly fine to place the floor on an existing floor, like an old tiled floor. First, the floor has to be equalized with a leveling mortar before it is ready to glue the natural stone. This work method will prevent you from demolition and debris. In addition, your floor with new tiles will have a maximum height of 2,5 cm. A natural stone floor could even be placed over a wooden under layer. In this case, we should place a special sublayer that aims to control the weight of the natural stone floor. So the construction of the sublayer does not get heavier. In apartments, the floor can be placed as ‘floating’ at an acoustic underlay.

Matching skirtings

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In order to align the stones seamlessly to the wall, skirtings made from the same material can be placed. Of course, this looks very beautiful but there is another advantage, namely the protection of your floor. Just consider the water coming from mobbing, you don’t want this at your wall finishing.

The placement of your floor

Natural stone is a natural product, and as the name is suggesting, every tile is different in terms of size and thickness. Because of this, we recommend to let an expert help you laying the floor. Nibo Stone has an extensive network with professionals, they are trained and educated in their field and have several years of experience with the placement of natural stone floors, walls and terraces. They are fully aware of the specific characteristics of the natural stone type and they know the product inside out. So it is quite sure that the best possible result is achieved! Ask the sales advisor at the showroom to all the possibilities.

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