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Nibo Stone

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Pure and authentic

Natural stone is a timeless material that can boast a life history of millions of years. The formation of natural stone is as old as the earth itself and the process is still running. The earth crust consists of ten thousands types of rocks and only five thousand are suitable for construction and hence for your interior. It occurs almost everywhere in the world. You have probably heard of the Norwegian Slate or the Belgian Bluestone. Also sorts such as Italian Marble or Indian Slate might sound familiar. Countries like Greece, Turkey, China and South America provide us with a lot of natural stone.

Natural stone has been mined for over 5000 years in open-cast quarries. The working method derives from the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians and is still used nowadays. The find spot determines the color, the hardness and the pattern. The variation in color, structure and shine is unprecedented. Therefore no stone is like the other. Each tile could be compared to a painting: it has its own characteristics. We would like to advise you about your ideal natural stone sort in one of our showrooms.

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