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Which floor for which room?

Natural stone can generally be used for each room. It is even possible to place natural stone tiles on a wooden subfloor or on a layer of old tiles. Also, a natural stone floor with a special sound-absorbing underlay can be placed in a floating manner in your apartment or flat. We also have lots of different sorts which are suitable for outdoor applications.

The specific requirements of the room should always be taken into consideration. For example, a kitchen floor is used very often, especially in front of the sink. Therefore you should choose a stone with a high wear resistance. In addition, the floor should be easy to clean and if someone spills water on it, it should not become slippery. Many natural stones meet these requirements and thus are perfect for in the kitchen.

When considering natural stone for your bathroom or wellness area, it is important to choose the right finish. For instance, a highly polished floor is less suitable because of the slip hazard. A better choice might be a natural stone with a rougher surface. Slate, for example, has a natural anti-skid feature, not to compare with – for example- ceramic tiles. Besides there are many types of natural stones that feel rough because of their special surface finishing.

For exterior use it is – of course – a requirement that the material is frost-resistant. A terrace for instance is used quite often, so it would be a smart choice to choose natural stone which is harder than others. Basalt and granite are great examples which are not sensitive to scratches. Besides, this natural stone always keeps its beautiful dark tone. This ensures that the stones feels pleasantly warm in summer. Please keep in mind that this might be too hot for children’s feet. In this case we would recommend a natural stone with a lighter color that reflects sunlight.

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