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What is the price?

Unfortunately, natural stone is still associated with a higher price than regular wooden or parquet floors. This is not necessarily true. When purchasing a floor, you should not account for the price only but also for the lifespan of the product. For example, the price for a ceramic floor is usually lower than the price for a natural stone floor, but it will not have the same lifespan as a natural stone floor. If you take this information into consideration, you will realize that a natural stone floor is even cheaper compared to other floorings. We did not even mention other advantages yet: the effortless maintenance and the great heat conduction. Moreover, a natural stone floor adds significant value to your house.

Average price per m2

The price for natural stone tiles depends on the sort and quality of the stone itself. Factors like the costs for mining, the transport and the availability of the product determine the price as well. A natural stone of our collection costs averagely € 65,- per m2.

Construction material

A natural stone floor can be placed in different ways. The choice is depended on the under layer and the tiles. Gluing natural stone tiles is preferable, but first the tiles need to be sawed to the same level of thickness. Whenever the under layer is less flat or the tiles have different thicknesses, the floor can be placed with the help of a special mortar layer, sand layer or cement layer, which is placed on site. Thus, you can overcome inequalities in your under layer. The average price for the used construction materials to place the tiles, is € 12,50 per m2.

Employee's wages

Not every paver has the capability to place a natural stone floor. Because of the standard tolerances in sizes and thicknesses, we recommend to hire an expert. The average wage for a professional placement of your natural stone floor is € 35,- per m2.

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