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What is the latest trend?

Nibo Stone has been delivering natural stone floors directly to the customer. We never collaborate with brokers. We prefer to purchase the products directly at the quarry. Not only because we want to keep an eye on our price-to-quality quotient but also to make sure that the working conditions are met and that the nature is treated carefully. We can guarantee that our products are gained and processed without child labor, forced labor and discrimination. We comply with human rights and minimize the environmental impact.

Back to the seventies

Throughout decades, we have seen several trends in the natural stone industry. The Van Nieuwenborg’s family have brought plenty new sorts to the Netherlands. Everyone is familiar with the indestructible, sandy-colored Albino Quartzite which is still often used to decorate terraces and living rooms. The colorful Peacock Slate of the late seventies was also ravenous popular. This Indian slate, also called Fevistone, tinged many interiors in the colors green, brown and purple. Nowadays we still sell maintenance products to our customers for their 40-year old Peacock floors!

Nibo Stone’s collection contains various contemporary alternatives to this Peacock floor, such as the beautiful, warm colored Titane and somewhat exuberant Vizela floor. These stones can provide your bathroom or wellness area with a seasoned and industrial appearance.

Seasoned and Industrial Atmosphere

In the 80’s we did more than just only introducing new materials: we introduced different sizes and finishings. For instance, we presented tiles with free lengths and fixed widths, to create a playful effect and to reduce the amount of waste in the quarries. We also start a new productionline in our own factory in India in order to polish slates, which was very unusual that days. In our current collection, we still have the Cuivre Chaumont and Verde Chaumont whose honed surface treatment emphasizes the beautiful color shades.

Lower costs resulted in greater interest

Due to the process of globalization, market transparency and the introduction of the internet, the price for natural stone is decreased significantly. Nowadays, natural stone is a fair competition to other floorings, such as parquet and ceramic floor tiles. Therefore the interest for natural stone has increased a lot in the 90’s.

Last year’s trends brought grey and dark floors to the center of attention. Natural stone sorts like Mustang became very popular. Mustang is an Brazilian slate with a somewhat green flame. There is also a black alternative often called Black Berry. The market also sells other alternatives like the Golden Glow. Other names for this stone are Black Slate, Montauk Black of Graphite Slate.

When the Mustang floortile gained popularity, we started searching for alternatives because we wanted to offer unique floors which could not be bought elsewhere.

You do not want to have the same floor like your neighbor, do you?

We have found a good alternative which is called Nathal: a pitch-black natural stone floor with a beautiful stratification. Do you prefer a grizzled color shade? In this case we recommend you the Himalaya Grey of our collection. Another beautiful dark floor with a rough appearance is the Noir Vignan. A stone which fits perfectly to a thorough and sober interior.

Trends for 2015

In 2015 we slowly recognize a transformation from white, neutral interiors to a slightly more colored interior. The advantage of natural stone is that the material is timeless. Natural stone always suits your interior, no matter which trend is “in” at the moment. In our collection we sell bright, light tiles to create a spacious effect: like the sandy-colored Aurelia or Monte Cantini. In a sober and thorough interior, you should choose dark floors such as Louvre or Vaduz to create a modest atmosphere.

Inspiration Centers

In our showrooms we will give you a personal advice according to your taste and lifestyle. We take our time to discuss your wishes and zoom in on every detail. The special floors from our collection are all placed on large surfaces to show the range of coloring and to give you a relevant example of how a floor will look at your home.

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