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Cleaning and maintenance

Weekly vacuuming and mopping is sufficient

When using the right cleaning method, the maintenance for a natural stone flooring is simple and easy. After completion, we will provide a single cleaning process. After this, the appearance of the surface will stay the same when you simply vacuum and mop once a week.

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Stains can easily be prevented by choosing a type of natural stone that is consistent with the function of the surface. Though it is not always necessary to do so, natural stone can be protected against contamination and discoloration. When someone spills some wine or coffee, there is no damage to the floor: just wipe it up with a moisturized cloth. When an unfortunate incident takes place and it is impossible to remove the spot, then please keep in mind that most spots will disappear with time.

Especially soft types of natural stone are somewhat sensitive for scratches. One tip is a good mat at the entrance of your house, this will keep the sand outside. Choose preferably a dry run/doormat. These you can buy at a “Do-It-Yourself” stores and also in many stores that sell general household items. For further protection, please vacuum or sweep the floor regularly.

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