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Our different types of window sills for external use, ensure an esthetic and effective protection against rainwater under the window frame. Due to the groove at the bottom, the rain is effectively disposed from the wall surface in a way that water ingress is prevented. The window sill makes also sure that no rainwater will gush against the window. It is possible to deliver the window sills with attached end caps. This upstanding part at the wallside allows the rainwater to run away from the window frame. Furthermore, limescale under the corners of the window frame is prevented.

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Nibo Stone delivers three regular types of window sills suitable for almost every type of window frame. A custom-made window sill designed at the customer’s wishes is possible as well. For example, a window sill with a chiseled front and a so-called stooling (the part at the ends that is built into the wall) can be manufactured in order to provide the building with a historical appearance. This chiseling is done in our stonemason's yard in Venlo by using modern machinery (mechanical chiseled), or in a traditional way with a hammer and chisel to create a more authentic appearance. This makes the massive natural stone window sill extremely suitable for old mansions, farms and other monumental buildings.

Our natural stone is hand-picked with much care in quarries all over the world
Available in

Belgian Bluestone dark honed
Belgian Bluestoned light honed (120)

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