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Wall copings

Wall caps and copings protect the wall against water ingress and moreover they esthetically upgrade your design. Nibo Stone produces several types of wall caps and copings made of high-quality natural stone. These products are applicable to cover a brickwork in your garden, balcony edges, gables (finishing off rooftops) or pond borders.

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The wall caps and copings can be light or dark honed. More possibilities are bush hammered, steelblasted or flamed and brushed finishings. Also a double drip groove is possible. (Rain)water is drained through these grooves at the bottom so that damp spots will not have a chance to remain on the brickwork. The caps and copings can be quickly assembled in the mortar.

In our own factories in the country of origin, we can start the production at an early stage
Available in

Belgian Bluestoned light honed (120)
Nibo Bluestone bluegray light honed (120)
Nibo Granite black dark honed

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