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Types of natural stones

For our prefabricated building elements we selected various types of natural stone - all with its own color, structure and other characteristics. There is similarity: they all meet the minimum technical requirements of sustainability tests according to NEN-EN norms. This implies that we can guarantee you that our products are sustainable and unique.

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Direct import from quarries

In order to ensure that our quality requirements of 100% pure natural stone are met, we import our products directly from quarries all over the world. This ensures a continuous stock and we also know what quality we buy. We travel regularly to the quarries to check if the quality of the natural stone meets our requirements, but also to make sure that the labor conditions are good and that the nature is treated respectfully. The entire process- from mining to the final delivery to the customer – is completely controlled by experts who stick to the rules of our quality systems.

Material finishings

Not only the type of natural stone, but also the finishing of the natural stone determines the final appearance of the product. Besides it is important to choose a surface finishing which fulfills the function of the product used. Thus, for example, for staircase treads it is important that people do not slip.

In addition to regular finishing processes like light honing (matt), dark honing (satin) or polishing (gloss), we are very much specialized in special surface treatments. Our production employees use traditional stonemasons crafts such as chiseling, chopping, pointing and bush hammering. These methods create an authentic appearance. Furthermore, mechanical machining such as mechanical chiseling, steelblasting and gradinating are possible as well. With help of acids or fire, special effects can also be achieved.

If you want more information about all possible finishings, do not hesitate to ask one of our expert sale advisors. They can show you the different possible effects on a sample.  

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Available in

Belgian Bluestoned light honed (120)
Belgian Bluestone dark honed
Nibo Granite anthracite bushhammered
Nibo Granite anthracite polished
Nibo Granite anthracite flamed and brushed
Nibo Granite anthracite sandblasted
Nibo Granite grey polished
Nibo Granite black bushhammered
Nibo Granite black polished
Nibo Granite black flamed and brushed
Nibo Granite black dark honed
Nibo Granite black honed and brushed
Nibo Bluestone bluegray light honed (120)
Nibo Bluestone bluegray dark honed (300)
Nibo Bluestone bluegray bushhammered
Nibo Bluestone bluegray gradinated
Nibo Bluestone bluegray steelblasted
Nibo Bluestone bluegray flamed and brushed
Nibo Bluestone bluegray honed and brushed
Nibo Bluestone bluegray mechanically old cut
Nibo Marble beige polished
Nibo Marble creme polished
Nibo Marble grayblue polished
Nibo Bianco C (Cararra) polished
Nibo Bianco T (Thassos) polished

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Types of natural stones