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Nibo Stone delivers massive natural stone thresholds for inside and outside use. Inside the threshold could be used as a weir, for example under the bathroom door or as a transition between two different floorings. Outside the thresholds are mostly used at the front- and backdoor as an insulation to fill the space between the door and the floor in order to keep as much energy as possible.

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The thresholds are completely custom-made and produced for all different kinds of purposes. For instance, lifted sliding doors and doorframes with a single or double door may come in combination with a sidelight (block threshold). The theshold can be provided with profiled or flat stoolings (the part at the ends that is built at the bottom of the wooden door frame). All profiling is possible and the sizes of the recesses are free to choose. Matching (facade)skirtings are available as well.

Lots of different types of high-quality natural stones are available. Nibo Bluestone bluegray and Nibo Granite black are often used because of their sustainability, high-load capacity and good abrasion resistance. Therefore the thresholds produced by Nibo Stone are also very suitable for any non-residential building.

The quality of our products comes from our passion and affection for the stonecutter's craft
Available in

Nibo Granite black dark honed
Belgian Bluestoned light honed (120)
Nibo Bluestone bluegray light honed (120)
Nibo Bluestone bluegray dark honed (300)
Belgian Bluestone dark honed

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