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Stair treads and platforms

There are various types of natural stone that are exceptionally suitable to withstand thousands or even millions of footsteps. Due to their long lifespan and high wear resistance, these types consist of a very solid material and can be used to build the stairs and platforms. Stair treads of natural stone are easy to clean, water resistant and -in many cases- also frost resistant. It is not a coincidence that natural stone has been used for ages to build stairs in public buildings like museums, schools and stations. But even in a normal house, natural stone is a very practical and stylish solution.

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Stair treads made of natural stone can be realized in a variety of colors and shapes, designed for both inside and outside use. It can cover a concrete or steel construction with loose treads and risers, but it can also cover massive treads (both for straight and (semi) circular shapes). Nibo Stone supplies natural stone for all sorts of stair shapes, for example spiral staircases, winding staircases or stab stairs. Even semi-floating staircases are among the possibilities. Other architectural connecting elements, such as step constructions for platforms and floors, can be made of the same materials to accomplish a seamless, customized solution.

Available in

Nibo Granite anthracite bushhammered
Nibo Granite anthracite flamed and brushed
Nibo Granite anthracite sandblasted
Nibo Granite anthracite polished
Nibo Granite grey polished
Nibo Granite black bushhammered
Nibo Granite black polished
Nibo Granite black flamed and brushed
Nibo Granite black dark honed
Nibo Granite black honed and brushed
Nibo Bluestone bluegray dark honed (300)
Nibo Bluestone bluegray bushhammered
Nibo Bluestone bluegray steelblasted
Nibo Marble grayblue polished
Nibo Marble creme polished
Nibo Marble beige polished

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