Nibo Stone

Natural stone panels

Natural stone panels are often used in trendy hotels, restaurants, cafes and exclusive stores. More and more architects are realizing the beauty of these panels and they are often used for wall cladding. The innovative natural stone panels consist of different sized strips and fragments which are glued together to a natural pattern.

Each panel has an irregular, cascading form, meaning there won’t be any visible seams between the different panels. The end result looks like a massive bricked up stone wall. In order to finish off corners there are several corner pieces available to create a smooth junction.

Trendy and Innovative

The placement of the wall panels is quick and easy. No matter if it is an interior or exterior wall, panels can be put onto any flat surface. The installation on the wall is about ten times faster than traditional wall-covering with natural stone.

The panels can handle extreme temperature differences and are also available in the exclusive Wave Living, meaning that the panels are enriched with a lacquer where either precious metals or dyes are added.

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