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Facades are the eye catchers in our environment and the prestige of any architect. Hence their great importance in the designing process is not surprising. Often it takes months drafting and puzzling in order to find the right composition. During this process materials are chosen carefully. Architects realize that natural stone is a product that is indispensable in today’s building projects. Together with contemporary materials such as wood, glass and steel they make natural stone alive and use it in original ways for unique concepts.

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In addition to traditional facades one can also choose for facade elements. For example, you can choose for either horizontal or vertical placed lamellae: an excellent way to create a playful “break” in the facade. Window or door frames in natural stone are a beautiful contrast to bricks. Column coverings with special finishings provides the building with its very own characteristics. Stone name plates tell us more about the building year and the residents who lived in the building. Keystones and lintels not only hold and pass on the load above the doorway, they also recall a nostalgic atmosphere. This is just an example of the numerous varieties how to distinct a building.

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Available in

Belgian Bluestoned light honed (120)
Belgian Bluestone dark honed
Nibo Granite anthracite bushhammered
Nibo Granite anthracite polished
Nibo Granite anthracite flamed and brushed
Nibo Granite anthracite sandblasted
Nibo Granite grey polished
Nibo Granite black bushhammered
Nibo Granite black polished
Nibo Granite black flamed and brushed
Nibo Granite black dark honed
Nibo Granite black honed and brushed
Nibo Bluestone bluegray light honed (120)
Nibo Bluestone bluegray dark honed (300)
Nibo Bluestone bluegray bushhammered
Nibo Bluestone bluegray gradinated
Nibo Bluestone bluegray steelblasted
Nibo Bluestone bluegray flamed and brushed
Nibo Bluestone bluegray honed and brushed
Nibo Bluestone bluegray mechanically old cut
Nibo Marble beige polished
Nibo Marble grayblue polished

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