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Building elements

We like to help you with your draft

So we can give advise in the different sorts of natural stones, finishings and structural detailing considering the customer’s requirements. Then we can also help you with the standardization of the sizing and we are able to start the production at an early stage. Our products are produced in our own factories in the country of origin in order to guarantee the best prices for our customers.

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From our production facility in Venlo, we are able to produce and deliver fast. There we have a strategic stock and an advanced machinery park. Apart from our standard natural stone prefabs we also produce custom-made products according to our customer’s wishes. Furthermore we also know the old artisan stonemasonry techniques.

Window sills internal
Raamdorpel 30
Window sills external
Muurafdek  Ezelsrug
Wall copings
Laagreliefdorpel Type  Da
Maatwerk  Compositie  Web
Custom-made products
Muurstrips800 600
Natural stone panels
Gevels Bewerkt 800X600
Traptrede 01
Stair treads and platforms
Maatwerk  Afwerking
Types of natural stones