Nibo Stone

Our foundations

Nibo Stone exclusively delivers high-quality and durable products. To achieve this goal, we constantly work with the priorities mentioned below. We take our values very seriously. This has brought us to what we are: a high-quality brand and a reliable expert in natural stone products. 

A guaranteed high-quality

Every product automatically comes with a warranty certificate. The customer can be sure of a high-quality product, together with a reliable service, relevant information, advice from an expert, clear agreements, aftercare and an outstanding overall service. Nibo Stone retains full control of the supply chain. Our processes are structurally and systematically improved and the knowledge of our employees is always up-to-date.  

Customer-focused approach

Nibo Stone function as facilitator for architects, contractors and other construction related parties. Besides, we focus on end users who want an unique dimension in their building or home. We want to help the customer as good as possible, and like to brainstorm together from the drafting phase until the aftercare. In addition to our standard products, we deliver custom-made products, specified to a customer’s wish. 

A reliable support from design until after delivery

We are able to support the customer during the complete building project, in a range between the first drawings until after delivery. We provide the following facilities: design, engineering, consultancy, delivery, montage, maintenance and repair service. 

Thourough knowledge and expertise

We stimulate our employees to develop their personal expertise and craft skills. The next generations will benefit from the knowledge that is acquired within the borders of our company in the last century. 

Extensive collection

We deliver an elaborative assortment in natural stone building elements for inside, outside and facade use. Moreover, we deliver a special collection in natural stone floor- and terrace tiles. Every individual request for custom-made products is regarded as a challenge. It is an opportunity to use our knowledge and experience. Our slogan is the following: “If you can imagine it, we can manufacture it!”

Worldwide production

We would like to be involved in the construction process as early as possible. In this way we can start the production of natural stone building elements at an early stage. This happens in our own factories in the country of origin. From our production unit in Venlo, we are able to produce and deliver very quickly. Here stands advanced machinery what we use in combination with our traditional craft technique from the stonecutter’s craft. 

Creative product development

It is our ambition to deliver the highest quality in natural stone, this will allow us to be an innovative player in the market. But there is more: it is important to us to come up with sustainable and social responsible innovations. For instance, we have introduced the windowsill for external use type 20 in 2014. This is a light-weight product, therefore easy to assimilate. Plus, we developed the energy saving Select Nibo hybride threshold with a “cold bridge” interruption. Our KOMO-certified thresholds have a new flat stooling. New is our exclusive wall covering, in which natural stone is enriched by materials such as gold, silver, metal or other colors. We obtain these products from the Italian brand Wave Living and we are an exclusive dealer in the Netherlands.