Nibo Stone

Mission & Vision

We think together

Since 1923, the family Van Nieuwenborg is having a well-known brand name as a supplier of reliable, high-quality products in natural stone. We deliver both to consumers as to professionals. Both of them can expect a large collection of natural stone building elements, facades and special floors for new building and renovation projects (private and non-residential buildings). At this moment, we are in the top 5 biggest companies in the Netherlands within our market and we are market leader in natural stone building elements.

We really want to add value to the development and implementation process of construction projects. In addition, we use opportunities as many as possibe that contribute to a healthy environment and a good wellbeing for our employees and society. Thus, we build a strong foundation in order to serve the next generation of Nibo Stone.

Transparency and a durable relationship with suppliers, customers, employees and consumers means a lot to us. One of our main goals is to adjust our services and products to specific requests of our customers. We prefer to be involved in the process as early as possible, to be committed in finding solutions. In this process, we create enough room for innovation and novelties. We constantly strive to an optimization of our service.

A reliable supplier since 1923