Nibo Stone


Corporate social responsibility

We are convinced that the success of our products involves a bit more than technical specifications and qualities. For us, sustainability and corporate social responsibility are embedded in our corporate culture. We want to minimize the impact of our work to nature and we work actively to sustainable employability of our staff.

Wellbeing of People

A core value for Nibo Stone is the wellbeing of people. Not only our employees, but also customers, copartners, other partners and suppliers. We have a policy in which social and respectful acting is a central concept. We help each other when needed and we work closely together in an open and honest corporate culture.

Safety and employment conditions

There are some risks involved with working in the natural stone industry. However, the risks in our company are minimized because we give clear instructions and proper guidance together with the right personal protective equipment, tools and materials.

Increasing expertise

We consider our employees as experts. Therefore, we encourage and guide our staff to get the best out of themselves and the situation. We do this by setting up programs with (internal and external) training. Diversity in the organization is created by giving every employee a chance. In the same time, we really like to benefit from the knowledge and experience of older workers. Because of several policies, their employment is reassured.

Social and respectful behavior towards other people is very important to us

Health and satisfaction

We strive for committed employees. Our employees are actively involved in the development of the company, which often results in innovative ideas. According to an established methodology we work in continuous improvement teams, because it will optimize the quality of the work. We make sure we propose new goals, measured to our own actions. During regular and structured consultation, this result is checked and adjusted where necessary.

The world of tomorrow

To ensure the survival of our company for future generations, we want to use the environment in a sustainable and conscious matter. We strive in different ways to waste separation, energy saving and sharing knowledge.

Win-Win situation

In our policy, we do not only see our profitability and continuity of the company, but also the social and economic impact of our operations on society.

We regularly discuss our safety, health and environment values with our suppliers