Nibo Stone

About us

Passion and affection for the stonecutter’s craft

Nibo Stone is a modern family business, engaged in the natural stone market for over 90 years. Within the Netherlands we are active in the production and delivery of natural stone buiding products, facades and special floors. In addition to contractors, architects and other construction related parties, we focus on the end user, who would like a unique twist in his or her room or building.

Compositie Marmer Graublauw 2073 812 85

Our organization has the knowledge, skills and expertise needed to support the construction process when it comes to the placement of natural stone applications. Both for professional and customer parties. We distinguish ourselves as a supplier of an extensive collection high-quality natural stone products and with a lot of competitive knowledge. Our aim is to take care of our customers as good as possible: that is our strength!

It is our ambition to be a leading company in the market, which is developing and realizing natural stone projects in a sustainable and social responsible way. We want to excel in this by intensively work together with suppliers, customers, employees and end users. Innovation is the key.

Our organization works with a flat and clear organizational structure. Nibo Stone wants to be a good employer who is motivating employees to work together to the same end result. Our employees work together in a close team: this will increase the efficiency of the business processes. At our headquarter in Venlo, we take care of the administration, production and logistics. At this location, our showroom for professional and private consumers is located. At a central spot in the Netherlands, namely Vianen, another showroom is located. We have employed several sale advisors to support the customer with advice, sampling, detailing and to determine the sizes.